Booking / cancellation

You can ask for reservation via e-mail or phone… Please include the following details:

• Name, address, home email address and if possible mobile phone number
• How many nights you want to stay – date for arrival and departure
• How many people are coming
• What time you plan to arrive.
You will then receive an email with confirmation of your booking unless otherwise agreed. For reservations of more than 3 nights you will be asked to pay a deposit of 3 days. Otherwise, cash payment on arrival.

After you receive the confirmation email, your rooms are booked for you.

• A cancellation can be done free of charge up to 14 days prior to your visit.
• Cancellations later than 14 days before your visit, you must pay 25% of your total order.
• If canceled later than 4 days prior to your visit, you must pay the full amount.

Receipt and Invoice
We are happy to send you confirmation of your stay via e-mail – or we write invoice on the spot.